Premier Guard - Acrylic EAS System

Great luxurious design and high performance, WiFI and more...

Noble, clear and elegant - The slender false-alarm free article surveillance in highly transparent acrylic.

Despite its small dimensions (only 37 cm wide) Premier Guard WIFI is an extremely powerful system offering free passage widths of up to 360 cm with WG SuperPencil hard tags.  

In order to fit perfectly into the store it is available in three colors: Stylish pure white, elegant silver or fashionable black. You also can select two different base covers:  Standard plastic in the antenna color or optional solid polished stainless steel. 

EAS Premier Pro Guard - WiFi

The larger Premier Pro Guard achieves exit widths of 2.5 m with labels or 4 m using WG Super pencil tags. The highly transparent antenna is not only  enormously powerful, it also impresses by the clean lines. Thanks WG´s SMD technology the Premier Guard and Premier Pro Guard EAS antennas are not only secure, they also impress with low power consumption and innovative signal algorithm.

World class Noise processing, integrated Jammer Detection,  built in assistant function to avoid user errors, and a system algorithm that ensures zero false alarms by products carried through.

Your staff will trust the system when it alarms.

Because we know: High performing systems are one matter, but addressing each customer when the system alarms is an other essential matter for a fast ROI.

All connected Premier Guard WiFi and Premier Pro Guard WiFI offer 3-Years-free-Remote-Tuning*.