Ad Guard - WiFi - EAS antenna with Advertisement space

featuring high performance EAS function and free advertisement space at the storefront.

Ad Guard is a powerful article surveillance and advertising pillar. Available in two sizes as ad Guard and Ad Guard XL, it  is a reliable antitheft system with the latest technology. The "Ad" is the abbreviation for Advertisement .

Sometimes only a small, slender antenna can structurally be integrating.  Here our AD Guard with only 33 cm fits perfect yet free passages between 180 and 300 cm (depending on the tag type) can be protected between two antennas. Of course they can be combined with other WG-systems or other acoustomagnetic products is compatible with RFID and can be integrated into CCTV systems as well.

The functions of the new WG-retail security system platform, as jammer detection or the unique operator error recognition Wizard are standard on board.

EAS Adguard XL - WiFi

AdGuard XL is the big brother of Ad Guard WiFi.

Latest technology, but it is larger because advertising sometimes you need more space.  In this case the larger size also creates an even stronger detection performance. AD Guard XL provides free passage widths between 2,5 an up to 3.8 m between the antennas. Most retailers use the advertising space mostly for permanent advertising campaigns. The advertising posters are available according to your specifications and  can be provided together with the antenna. So it looks just perfect – from the first day on.


Thanks WG´s SMD technology the Ad Guard and Ad Guard X EAS antennas are not only secure, they do impress with low power consumption and innovative signal algorithm. World class Noise Processing, integrated Jammer Detection,  built in assistant function to avoid user errors, and a system algorithm that ensures zero false alarms by products carried through.

Your staff will trust the system when it alarms.

Because we know: High performing systems are one matter, but addressing each customer when the system alarms is an other essential matter for a fast ROI.

All connected Ad Guard WiFi and Ad Guard XL WiFI offer 3-Years-free-Remote-Tuning*.