For customers facing a high theft problem at trendy or expensive products, but also having the need of using regular super lock magnetic detachers WG has developed a special version of our self alarming tags.

At any attempt to open or remove a tag and every manipulation or tampering of the tag, is recognized by the 3-Alarm tag which responds with immediate alarm.

3 Alarm Tags can be used together with existing super Lock detachers. No additional investment is necessary. No additional cash desk infrastructure needs to be installed.

Every of our 4-Alarm tag-types is also available in 3-Alarm Tags functionality. They look identical the only difference is their programming allows a regular Super lock magnetic detacher to be used.  AM (58 KHz) and RF (8.2 MHz) are available.

3-Alarm Lanyard-Etikett                 for fashiopn & hardgoods  

3-Alarm Pebble Etikett                  for fashion

3-Alarm Ninja Etikett                     for packaged goods and Demo-equipment

3-Alarm-Bottle Tags            For high class wine & spirits 

and nour special tags  (Golf, Baseball, Reel &Rod and Trigger Lock. 


Alle sind in AM (58 kHz) und HF (8,2 MHz) sind verfügbar.




The 3-Alarms:

Alarm 1: The alarm of the 3-Alarm-Tag is triggered when the tag enters the detection field of an EAS system. The tag alarm persists for a defined period, even if the thief tries to escape through the mall or out of the house.

Alarm 2: The EAS-System-Alarm is triggered by the Wave 4-alarm tag, just as traditional tags do.

Alarm 3: The 3-Alarm-Tag immediately triggers an alarm if the tag is damaged or when the steel lanyard is cut. So the thief is revealed immediately and on the spot.