Security hard tags

With the good  choice of security tags the EAS (electronic article surveillance) system is completed.

WG 4Alarm and 3-Alarm tags protect extreme high risk goods at a unique security level,

Our conventional hard tags stop shoplifters on fashion products and special hard tags for those products where the usual tag / button combination does not fit.

For example, on blister packs, bottles, eyewear, bags, computers, tablets etc. .

And of course, self-adhesive labels for packaged goods.

Hard tags are the best protection from theft to any kind of merchandise . WG Global has developed a wide range of hard tags to meet your requirements.

Hard tags from WG Global are equipped with this special magnetic closure: The Super Lock ™. It is the magic word for security tags offering high speed handling and user-friendly operation and being gentle on the material. This lock type can work with plain or grooved pins. Thus there is no longer drawn threads. Tag and detacher are free of mechanical wear. No maintenance. No repair.

WG detachers use magnets with extreme high and directional magnetic flux density (Tesla). No regular magnet open these locks. Tags of our 4-Alarm family even monitor this lock and alarm if a unique IR-Code was not received before detaching.

Here is a selection of our best selling hard tags:

Pencil tag family

 Pencil EAS tags are the standard for many fashion retailers. Small, lightweight, available in three sizes as Micro Pencil, Mid Pencil or Super Pencil.

Acoustomagnetic hard tags with magnetic Super lock locking mechanism. Compatible with all SuperLock detachers; Optimized for fast operation at the checkout; sleek design.

Available in black, white and gray and three performance classes.

Pencil tags are extremely powerful despite their small size. For example, the WG Super Pencil allows passage widths up to 4 m between two antennas a Premier Pro Guard. The Micor pencil i.e. allows 2.5 m exit width in the same system. Having such superior detection width,  all Pencil tags are considerably smaller than i.e. the common Sensormatic  Super Tag. Available in AM and RF technology.

Tag Lanyard

Innovative hard tag to protect lots of products that have a handle a rind, leashes or anything else the lanyard can be sticked through. Open merchandising enables impuls-driven shopping. Customers can select products and go to the counter. Lanyard tag provides a strong visual deterrence.


Versions in different lanyard length (3,5”, 7” or 10 “are on stock to protect a variety of products, such as bags, tools or hardware.  Color option black or grey. 


Lock Tag

The new lock tag is a universal suitable and easy to use security hard tag. A much more massive steel strap  protects eyelets, tabs, or belts of a product. It ensures an extremely tamper-proof product protection. Unlike traditional hard goods protections even a strong cutting tool will not be able to tamper Lock tag.

The attractive clear design in "Midnight Black" looks classy and solid. Available in AM and RF.

Shell Tag / Mini Shell tag

Acoustomagnetic hard tag in special tamper-retardant shell tag technology with SuperLock ™ security lock. Very safe and gentle on material. Its bigger pin-cap with its larger surface distributes pressure or weight to the larger area and protects the thin needle of the pin. Supplied with tag and special polished pin.

Shell tag is available in black and gray, Micro Shell tag in black only. AM and RF versions available. 

Shell Ink / Micro Shell Ink Tag

Shell Ink are versions of WG´s Shell tag but with three additional, inside of the label securely hidden ink ampoules. Only when it is being tampered the breaking point of the ink cartridge is reached. Professional shoplifters avoid stores using this tag type.

Microshell Tag is a smaller version with one red  visible ink vial.

Shell tag INK is available in black and gray, Micro Shell INK in black only. AM and RF versions available.

Hang Tag

Many attractive product are packaged in solid blister packs. Hang tag protects those by being applied at the eylet of the blister pack. The Hang tag is really small. Compared to the protection with safer boxes it safes lots of space on the shelves and the cash desk. 

Super ™ Tag

Acousto-magnetic hard tag, original Sensormatic Super Tag ™-

The tag is made in resonator technology. It features a mechanical lock and can be opened with special detachers as MK 225 or MK 395 or AMK1010. Usually we have new and refurbished Super tag on stock. Ask for availability. 

Ink Tag

Two color ink ampules in a preventive transparent housing. No electronic function. Can be attached to each hard tag or be fastened by means of clutch instead of the needle. In case of tampering this tag, the breaking point of the integrated ink ampoules will be reached and the ink will leak out.  This clearly  deters shoplifters.

WG Global security tags are available for virtually every system technology (Akustomagnetik AM, Radio-frequency RF or dual frequency transponder).

Drop Tag

Acoustomagnetic hard tag to be dropped in inner pockets or boxes of merchandise. The flat ferrite provides superior detection while being as small and light as regular drop in labels.

Golf tag

By its definition Golf tag protect puters and drivers. But also hardware tools in DIY and home improvement stores, Lots of different sport gear in sport stores, electronics can be protected with this hard tag.

Available in RF and AM.



Akustomagnetische Sicherung mit speziellem Doppelnadel-Kopf für die Sicherung von Brillen aber  auch von Taschen, Tennis- und Squash Schläger, Gürtel oder Schuhen.
Nadelabstand 12 mm; im Lieferumfang sind Etikett und Nadel enthalten.  

Um dieses kleinstmögliche Etikett herzustellen, wird ein sehr kleiner Ferrit verwendet. Bitte beachten  Sie die daraus resultierenden max. Erkennungsbreiten.


Pins secure the hard tag on your fashion garment. They come with a thin polished needle. Pins are available with flat or dome head and in grooved or plain version. 

The flathead pin also comes in a 19 mm (instead of 16mm) length for protection of shoes, lether fashion or any other product with thicker material.