Key Features of all BTL*Platform Systems

NEW - Remote tuning

All BTL* and Ad Guard advanced system can be upgraded for remote tuning via a WiFi connector. In case of a customer´s service call this can eliminate travel time and massivley reduce the time until the system is back up and perfectly running.

Jammer Detection

Shoplifters have become more intelligent and better equipped. One of their latest fashions is the use of jammer-products, which blow out massive noise on the RF or AM-EAS systems receiver frequency, trying to make te system blind.
WG is constantly working together with police, security staff and retailers to always be on top of the developments. The new WG-System platform has a built in Jammer detection, making the security people aware if such signals are received.

Tag-Pollution Assistant

Since ever, the most common reason  for all EAS users, to call technical service was a user error. Someone has put tags too close to the antenna, resulting in permanent alarm. Simply “Tags in the field”.  All WG Systems with SPS—Smart Power Supply can easily tell within seconds, if this is the case.—So no need for this unnecessary service call anymore

Alarm integration to other security systems

If in example a retailer uses EAS and CCTV, it is really easy to connect both systems and have the EAS system triggering the CCTV system to switch to the right camera, move a dome, start full quality real time recording, or to page a security person. 

NEW- Remote Sync Applications

Today EAS is widely used by retailers all over the world. The more density of EAS systems in a shopping road or mall, the more important it is to synchronize them, so that they do not interfere with each other.
We now can measure the surrounding antennas and transmit the burst wireless and by remote tuning from our service location. Fast and reliable - the job is done in minutes. This safes time and money.

Noise cancelation

WG´s patented noise cancellation enables our systems to work fine even in difficult noisy environments. Tuning a Sky Guard and Gen 4 systems with its  active Turbo antennas in such environments if fun for a WG field engineer.

Tag type selection software

AM tags are available as ferrites and resonators. Both work on 58 KHz, but their components do react slightly different on the signals sent by the antenna.
Our new system platform allows you to select Ferrite / Resonator or Both, so that you will enjoy the best possible cooperation of tag and system.