About WG Global

Your partner to stop shoplifting - worldwide.

WG Security Products Inc. was established more then a decade ago in Asia and has steadily grown into a worldwide conglomerate, with a presence in Asia, North America, South America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

WG is one of the leading suppliers of electronic security systems to the retail, commercial and industrial marketplaces. The company's Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products are used by soft goods and hard goods retailers to avoid shoplifting and internal theft.

WG Global designs, manufacturers, sells, services and supports the world's most advanced lines of fully integrated Electronic Article Surveillance products. The company's customers represent all market segments from small to large retail industries.

The Company's products are sold and serviced in many countries worldwide through both direct and indirect sales forces. Even if you don't instantly recognize the name WG Global, chances are you have seen our products. If you go shopping this weekend, you will undoubtedly walk by at least one of WG’s EAS systems.

WG Global is synonymous with safety and protection. We deliver leading edge technology products to provide safety and protection for people, assets, and information. WG is one of the world leaders in electronic security, and many of our customers are among the top retailers worldwide.

WG Products at a Glance

WG markets a full line of electronic security products and systems, including:

Retail loss prevention products and systems:

  • Electronic Article Surveillance
  • Benefit Denial

Retail and commercial/industrial security products and systems:

  • Closed Circuit Television

WG Customers

WG markets to retail, industrial, commercial, government, and educational institutes. Any businessor organization with a need to protect or control assets, information or people, including:

  • Department and specialty stores, discount and general merchandise stores, drug stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, music and video rental stores, home centers.
  • Commercial offices, factories, government facilities, hospitals, colleges and universities, casinos

WG also maintains a strong distribution network worldwide to meet our customers’ security needs.

WG Locations

  • World headquarters in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley).
  • Manufacturing facilities in California and China.
  • Development facilities in Shangahi, San Jose, Germany
  • Business unit headquarters in San Jose, CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Shanghai, China, Germany.
  • Distribution Centers in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Germany.
  • European Training center, Germany
  • Products sold and serviced worldwide.