Stop shoplifting - improve you bottom line!

Retail enterprises suffer because of the growing problem of shoplifting. Shrinkage vale reaches 1% of revenue and more. But combating shoplifters on the other hand is pretty simple.

Retail security systems from WG secure your merchandise and helps improve your bottom line. Good article surveillance concepts also provide a better and more secure feeling to staff end employees.  

These systems have always been reliable. But now most of them come with 3-Year-free-Remote-Tuning. Increasing system performance and availability at no cost.

WG has developed a variety of different EAS systems for different applications and target markets. Our fascinating invisible Systems, the classic Sky Guard or the new Floor Guard and Floor Guard Hybrid are fully integrated in the store design.

Premier Guard is a highly transparent shiny acrylic antenna. In modern minimalistic design or in classic shapes.

Ad Guard is an effective and powerful  EAS system and advertisement pillar. And Lane Guard with its slim and solid shock resistant body is the ideal system for the check-out lane.

Door Guard is designed to be seamlessly attached to door frames, when the store floor must not be touched.

A complete retail security tagging program consist of three categories:

• Article Surveillance System

• security tags

• EAS Accessories

The security tags are available in different security classes from extreme sexurity ( 4-alarm and 3-Alarm tags)  featuring a unique IR- code, conventional hard tags or adhesive security.

Our article surveillance systems are based on AM technology (Akustomatnet) or RFID-based. AM systems are compatible with the world's most successful programs for source tagging. Whether you have been using brands like Sensormatic, Checkpoint, Nedap, Crosspoint  or other products –

We have something exciting for you, to stop shoplifting.