Seal-Tag stops „Wardrobing“!

"Wardrobing" is a new fraud phenomenon which concerns online stores and retail stores simultaneously. Ordered or taken home to try goods are worn at an evening party and then returned. Seal tag of WG Global solves this problem.

The disposable Seal tag is attached like conventional security tag on a garment but a clearly recognizable info-card is added. It informs the customer that a return with a broken tag is not accepted. If the customer has made ​​his decision to buy, he can remove the tag himself without needing a tool by lifting the seal-ring.

Of course Seal tag looks even more stylish when it is showing your own logo.

Seal-Tag was  developed together with New York´s famous department store Bloomingdale's. There it already solves fraud problems and prevents the return of already worn cloth.

The use of Seal tag will dramatically reduce your effort and cost of managing your returns. The cost of cleaning, refreshing and repacking will drop.

For a first test you can order our Seal Tag Test Pack consisting of 1000 Seal Tags and 1000 Seal Tag Stickers, which explain the fact that you won´t accept returns with a broken seal .

The ticket is English on the front, German, French, Spanish and Italian on the back side. 

Later, when you are convinced of the excellent results of Seal Tag, you will maybe want to print your own stickers in your own words and your own corporate identity.

Even "unique" uses Seal Tag:

Unique Europe, in Neuss, Germany was founded in 1998 by Shahin Moghadam, Founder & Creative Director. The label is using Seal Tag since several years to protect their modern and glamorous cocktail- and partydresses, which would be extremley exposed to wardrobing. unique is a label representing the worlds latest fashion trends and distributes through their webshops:

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