4+1 Alarm Band-it tag with "RA"-Remote Alarm

Wave Band-It - The high speed high security tag

High-quality products are just as attractive to discerning and affluent customers as they are to professional shoplifters.

Stolen branded products can be marketed easily and risk-free via Facebook, Ebay or Amazon. Products from the areas of consumer electronics, computers, sporting goods, cosmetics, DIY supplies and spirits are most in demand. The achievable price for "commercial shoplifters" is highest when the goods are offered in their original packaging and when they are complete. Clearly a camera without rechargeable battery is less attractive, than the same one in original packaging.

Previous solutions had major disadvantages:

Safer boxes as a solution take up a lot of space in the presentation of goods and in the checkout area and are too inflexible for the many packaging sizes.

Handling spider labels with their four cables is time consuming. The loose cables of the detached labels should be rolled up by the cashiers. Usually this does not happen and the cables get tangled. With tight lashing, packaging is often damaged and broken or torn cables lead to false alarms.

Above in the picture, the direct comparison of conventional spider labels (left) and Band-It (right).

Hands-on experience with Band-It

The renowned Loss Prevention Research Council has tested the effectiveness of Bandit and published a study "Customer, employee and shoplifter experiences with WG Band-It security tag".

CONCLUSION: Overall, the results show that the Bandit tag is well received by customers and employees, and that Bandit tag application and removal takes much less time than a leading competitor's security film. Finally, interviews with offenders indicated that the Bandit Tag would provide at least the same level of deterrence as any other solution discussed in the study, including a leading competitor's security film.

Here you can download the translated summary and the full report.

More info on the web: LPRESAEARCH.ORG

Band-it: A completely new approach.

A highly flexible band surrounds the pack, sensors detect tampering and trigger an alarm if tampering is attempted. Bandit is simply pulled over the packaging like a rubber band and activated. In the event of accidental lifting, the label reacts with a pre-alarm, giving the honest customer the chance to release the label if it was an accident. However, if the label is detached from the pack or the silicone band is severed, an immediate alarm sounds. Alarm repeaters react to such signals from Bandit tags and can then issue their own department alarms or control cameras.

Compare for yourself how much better the product presentation works with Bandit.

5-Alarm "Extreme Security" security label:

Alarm 1: The Wave 4 alarm tag alarm is triggered when the tag enters the detection field of the article surveillance system. The label alarm remains for a defined period of time, even if the thief tries to escape into the mall or out of the house.
Alarm 2: The anti-theft system alarm is triggered by the Wave 4 alarm tag, just like traditional tags do.
Alarm 3: The Wave tag immediately triggers an alarm if the label is damaged, e.g. if the steel loop is cut off. In this way, the thief is unmasked immediately and on the spot, and theft is avoided.
Alarm 4: Wave 4 alarm tagshave a code-controlled Super-Lock closure. Standard openers are too weak and even a theft attempt with a Super Lock fails because the Wave 4 alarm tag recognizes the unauthorized "tamper opener" and immediately sounds an alarm.
NEW Alarm 5 -  "Remote Alarm": Wave tagssend an additional wireless alarm to an alarm repeater that is mounted, for example, on the department ceiling. This also gives an optical/acoustic alarm and can control a video system or inform staff.