With the advent of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), WG has been working tirelessly to maximize the benefits of this innovative technology into the loss prevention field. In cooperation with other companies, WG has developed the tools for proper utilization of RFID for retail security: a true RFID plus EAS system. Where RFID coils were once only infused into labels, WG developed three-dimensional reading technology to enable coils to be embedded within hard tags, increasing pick rates on compatible EAS systems. Our revolutionary RFID readers detect signals better than the competition and with state-of-the-art software monitoring tags and labels for logistcial, inventory, and security purposes has never been easier. The full power of RFID is unleashed at WG.


WG RFID Readers feature special 3-D detection technology. This allows the reader to detect an RFID coil embedded in an EAS hard tag with greater accuracy than any other RFID antennas in the industry today. The reader emits a cone-shaped field of radio frequency, guaranteeing a large area of coverage. There is no limit to the number of readers per system, but a single reader can cover a standard glass double-door entrance.


The RFID coil is assigned an identifier unique to that particular tag. Identifiers are associated with merchandise, e.g. blue polo shirt or size 10 tennis shoe, and a centralized computer stores the data. RFID readers can read multiple RFID-enabled hard tags at once and record data such as inventory numbers, quantity of types of products sold, and shrinkage numbers. Because these RFID coils are embedded into hard tags, they function as an EAS tag as well as information storage, compatible with any WG EAS system.


When it comes to RFID plus EAS, WG takes a consultative approach to developing a perfect system for you. No two store environments are alike and many factors such as ceiling height, entrance points, employee areas, etc. can factor into how many readers are needed for complete logistical and security results. Contact WG  for more information about this revolutionary technology.