WAVE 4-Alarm + Remote Alarm Tags

Store security staff in sensitive and high value stores often report professional thieves with special tool as like detacher-hooks or magnets.

However the best protection, the self-alarming WG IR 4-alarm labels family. Any unauthorized attempt to open a tag and every manipulation or tampering, even with a stolen original detacher is recognized by the 4-Alarm tag which immediately alarms.

Alarm 1: The alarm of the Wave 4-alarm tag is triggered when the tag enters the detection field of an EAS system.  The tag alarm persists for a defined period, even if the thief tries to escape through the mall or out of the house.

Alarm 2: The EAS-system-alarm of is triggered by the Wave 4-alarm tag, as traditional labels do.

Alarm 3: The Wave tag immediately triggers an alarm if the label is damaged or when the steel lanyard is cut. So the thief is revealed immediately and on the spot.

Alarm 4: Wave 4-alarm labels have a code monitored super-lock closure. Standard detacher are too weak and even an attempt at theft with a Super Lock fails because the Wave 4-alarm tag recognizes  "unauthorized” detacher´s and immediately sounds an alarm.

The most advanced and secure EAS-detaching is Wave. This opener sends a defined code via infrared to the 4 alarm high security tag positioned on the detacher. Unauthorized opening would be recognized by the tags digital signal processing.

The Wave detacher can also open all tags with standard or magnetic Super Lock. Through a connection to a USB plug in the POS PC your Wave IR opener is only operting when the till is open. Another security feature.

So much security was never available before.