invisible EAS Anti theft systems - Floor Guard

Wide entrances invite customers to pass through and enter a store. Installing traditional EAS antennas there may be contraproductive. An invisible system is visibly better! Floor guard is a revolutionary floor-based EAS system designed for complete invisibility and robust performance. The antennas are buried into the sub-floor and multiple units can be installed end to end, ensuring maximum detection range and making it ideal for stores with wide exits. Its ultra compact design allows for installations at multiple story businesses. Floor guard features an integrated sealed antenna structure, thus eliminating the need for extra antennas around the perimeter, making it a truly 100% invisible system.

Our family of discrete EAS systems has grown by 5 WiFi Versions. There is the ultimate Floor Guard Hybrid. The best detecting EAS system on the market. Ideal for hard tags and labels and exit widths of up to 2,5 m.

Floor Guard 2A is a new system concept of thin wires that can be more easily integrated in the floor by simply cutting a cableway. – No big whole needs to be cut out of you floor. “Floor Guard 2A” is available in three sizes for exits of 180-220 cm, 300-340 cm, 360-400 cm. Floor Guard 2A works best with WG Super Pencil tags. Another option is the traditional Floor Guard antenna, as it is also used in the Hybrid Version. 

Invisible is visibly better:

All operations of the WG controller are driven by the most technologically advanced Digital Signal Processors. It features automated adjustments by processor software, plus manual adjustments can be optionally performed with a handheld remote or a connected laptop.


It‘s unique transmission and receiving process results in outstanding detection performance. We can really say no customer and no merchandise walking through will cause false alarms. At the same time Floor Guard´s detection rate is at the industries highest end.

Floor guard is designed  for WG Super Pencil tags to provide best possible coverage and detection.


For a kind of "discret deterrence" the combination of floor antennas and visible WG antennas are possible  as well.



  • False alarm free anti-theft protection
  • High-End, Sophisticated, Attractive
  • Multi antenna configuration fits every exit widths
  • Patented noise cancellation technology
  • 4 antennas controlled by one controller
  • Easy alarm connection to CCTV systems