Sky Guard - invisibel tagging system

.. . . i n v i s i b l e    i s    v i s i b l y    b e t t e r . .

With WG Sky Guard nothing impairs the effect of your thoughtful creates store atmosphere to the customer. Just as it has planned and realized by your architect, it is received by customer

Because SKY GUARD is either completely invisible or as discreet as you want it.

The complete SKY GUARD system technology can be fully integrated in the portal and the false ceiling.

Sky Guard is invisible but just as safe as conventional, visible systems and is superior to most traditional EAS systems to prevent theft by additional new features:

Tip: Consistent tagging with 4-alarm or traditional security tags provides a high degree of deterrence of potential shoplifters right at the goods. The deterrent effect can be supported by signs on visible places and in dressing rooms. 

This is why so many customers say:

Invisible is visibly better!



download a datasheet: