Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag is a concept to replace "Spider-Type"Tags.  Users have always told us that the handling of spiders is too complicated. Wires break because customers take the spider tag to carry their merchandise.

WG´s Ninja is different. It is simply attached to the packaging. The Ninja Tag senses attempts for manipulation and alarms if i.e. a shoplifter tries to remove the tag from the product.

The tag itself is reusable while the adhesive holder is disposable. Handling is fast and easy. 

These self alarming tags from the WG´s 4-alarm series are used to protect demo equipment or products in packaging.


A sensor detects tampering or unauthorized removing. Removing without alarm is only possible when tag receives a special infra red signal from a detacher.If the code is missing or faulty a tag-alarm will be triggered immediately.

When selling the product, the IR signal turns the sensor off and the Tag Carrier can be released on a tear-off tab and can be disposed. The tag is re-used, the carrier is a disposable product. 


Product Codes:

Tag IR Ninja 58 BS            Acoustomagnetic

Tag IR Ninja 8.2 BS           Radiofrequent

Tag ACC-Ninja                    Ninja Tag Carrier