Floor Guard-WiFi - invisible EAS System

.  .   .  i n v i s i b l e   i s    v i s i b l y   b e t t e r  !  .  .  .

Wide luxurious entrances  are welcoming customers. This is really nothing new, but so far the maximum width protected by tagging systems was limited. - This is not the case anymore.

Floor Guard is an integrated modular EAS system. The antenna is laid inside the floor. It can be positioned under tiles, marble, wood, laminate or any other non metallic floor.

Floor Guard antennas  are available in antenna sizes of  1.5 m, 1.8 m, 3.0 m, and 3.6 m. Now every exit width can be protected – invisibly.

Floor Guard works best with WG´s Super Pencil Tags, but can also be used with other AM tags.


For extreme security needs or very small tags we have developed Floor Guard Hybrid. A high performance System combining the Floor Guard and Sky Guard setup.

This is why so many customers say:

Invisible is visibly better



download a datasheet: