NEW Extender systems

...costefficient for small and medium exit widths.

A new generation of Extender systems has arrived. The antennas are on stock in Germany and ready for immediate shipment. The Basic Idea for these antenna versions is to offer a cost effective but well performing dual antenna system including the remote accessibility of our WiFi Master antennas.

The extender look exactly like the master antennas do, but they are driven by the board in the master antenna. Only one Power supply is needed. The connection between the two antennas can be made through the floor or the ceiling. 

The Extender systems are a perfect fit for small and medium size exits. The fact that only one master board and power supply is driving the system makes it very copetitive in pricing. The configuration of the various transmitter and receiver antennas inside each pedestal alow to reduce the backfield in situations wheresecurity tags need to be very close. 

download a datasheet: