invisible EAS Anti theft systems - Sky Guard

Invisible Detection Systems are the ultimate for your store's interior design. It is the choice of many high-end apparel merchants, as the discreetness of the detection system doesn't interfere with the visual appearance of the doorway. The compact detection system is actually built into the door frame, eliminating the need for exposed hardware.

Invisible is visibly better:

Sky Guard with its active turbo antennas is the best solution if a customer wants to have high class security but a fully invisible or very discrete  tagging system.  This is the ideal detection solution for a wide doorway. The flexible transmission loop and the perfect noise cancellation of active Turbo antennas enable a trained WG partner to build a system with best detection but nothing interferes with the great store architecture.

Sky Guard is also very successfully used in Self Service environments, often built into the frames of automatic sliding doors.

Being best for the store architecture is not the only advantage of Sky Guard - an invisible system, also can not be damaged by shopping carts, and does not narrow the entrance.—Just one of the reasons why hundreds of supermarkets trust in Sky Guard.

As Sky Guard is installed at the very end of the store, Sky Guard often also solves the problem of tagged merchandise  being to close to the system.

Acostomagnetic or RFID: 

WG Global offers invisible Systems in 58 KHz-AM Technology (Sky Guard) or RFID-Technology (Sentinel). 

Please check the product catalogue for more technical information.