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Goods movements, customer flow, cash register transactions, delivery of goods, outdoor areas, parking lots - these are classic applications for video surveillance. But camera surveillance from WG can do more.

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced video analysis technologies, video systems are now also able to automatically monitor and interpret processes and, in the event of suspicion, to inform your employees or the security service

Videoüberwachung im Außenbereich sichert Ihr Unternehmen

WG CCTV Video surveillance systems are tailor-made surveillance systems that are subordinate to the purpose. This means that the video surveillance does exactly what it is supposed to and can be operated the way you want it. Security and theft protection are always given, but we will coordinate the effect with you. As a deterrent, the surveillance technology is only visible or noticeable where you want it to be, or the camera surveillance remains discreetly in the background.

This applies to both operator-operated and fully automated camera surveillance. Regardless of whether they are aimed at documentation, apprehending or deterrence. When designing the system, WG Global attaches particular importance to the reliability and performance of each individual system component in the surveillance technology.


Smart system solutions are easier and clearer to use for the user through the integration of other functions, such as systems for access registration, time recording, people counting, as well as burglar and fire alarm systems. A WG video surveillance is also designed and built in such a way that it can be easily expanded at any time.

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High shelves, poor visibility angles, and poorly lit, low-traffic areas are havens for shoplifters. People like to pack and repack here.

The WGs SmartTrack camera surveillance moves unnoticed through markets or warehouses. The detective can see everything, but is not recognized himself.

Your security staff is therefore considerably more efficient in monitoring large areas, and the protection against theft is much higher.

This even reduces the number of cameras and system components required. At the same time, your camera surveillance delivers better images, sharper and more detailed than with conventional dome or fixed camera systems.

It is impressive to see what high-resolution camera technology can do today. Our quality comparison can give you a first impression of this. It shows the image results of various camera types in a typical storage situation in one of our distribution warehouses. Of course, a live demo is even more impressive.

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