Design, installation and comissioning of Cloced Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) is a core competence of WG Global GmbH since we have built thousands of systems. Small, midsize and large ones. 

Leading edge components are used for creating a perfect system for your application. Powerful and cost effective. Our engeneers have built CCTV systems for leading retailers and gaming casino cooperations all over the world. Some products can be used from the shelves, some other more critical components are modified by manufacturers by our specifications. 


A very sucessful WG Global development is our "Blind Spot Assistant". It solves the issue of merchandise left in the cart and "forgotten" to pay. Test shoppers have proven in more than 60 % of the tests the customer walked through without payment.

WG Blind Spot Assistant brings the information if merchandise is left in the shopping cart streight on the desktop-monitor. The shop-assistant can easily recognize the product. 


If you are interested in using a WG CCTV system or redistributing WG CCTV products, please contact WG Global.