Passive RFID + 58KHz Acustomagnetic

WG-Passive RFID is combining the best of three worlds. The unsurpassed security features of Acustomagnetic EAS Systems and the data-transmission kapability of Ultrahighfrequent RFID-Technology and deterrance factor if ink tags. All that in one stylish slim tag - the RFID-Micro Shell Ink-tag.

The RFID functionality of the system can manage inventory, it may detect merchandise going into a dressing room, it can notify saleperson when too many items are left in there for too long. The gathered information can be used as sales support or in marketing applications. 

We feel that UHF RFID-labels are to easy to manipulate to be a good EAS-System. Therefore we combine it with WG-Acustomagnetic-EAS-Systems. The 58 KHz signal is superior for theft detection and false alarm proof.