Green Tag - Tag Recycling and Logistic program

WG's Green Tag Recycling Program represents a new, refreshing way for retailers to view the EAS tagging process. It is a source-tagging initiative that allows a retailer to enjoy the benefits of EAS tagging without using capital to purchase tags or incurring the ongoing labor expense of in-store tagging.

Green Tag also provides both eco-friendly benefits and enables retailers to strengthen their image as responsible corporate citizens.

Benefits of source tagging with Green Tag:

  • Tags are applied at the point of manufacture
  • Merchandise arrives to the retailer floor-ready
  • Labor costs associated with in-store tagging are eliminated

How it works

The Green Tag method is as simple as it is effective:

  • Retailers do not purchase tags, but lease them from WG for a predetermined period of time
  • WG provides the tags to the retailer's merchandise manufacturer, who applies the tag at the source
  • Tagged merchandise arrives at the retailer
  • After removal, the tags are sent back to WG for cleaning, sorting, testing, and inspection before being sent back to the merchandise manufacturer

Our Micro Shell Ink hardtag is the most common used tag in this program. It offers a very high security level and clear deterrance.

For more detailed information please download the white paper ducument and the article from "Loss Prevention" magazine, or give WG Global a call.

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