IR Lanyard Tag is a four-alarm tag for securing a variety of products. Depending on the length of the loop it is used to secure exclusive jackets and coats, but also for bags, tools, technical products, sports equipment and more.

The integrated steel lanyard is coated and integrated in the electronic circuit of the tag. A sensor detects tampering or unauthorized opening.The logic of the tag examines immediately if a special infra red signal is received from a detacher. If the code is missing or faulty a tag-alarm will be triggered immediately. Stolen detachers have no chance.

 Standard lengths of lanyards are

7 inches = 18 cm, 10 inches = 25 cm, 48 inches = 122 cm

Special sizes, ui.e. 80 inch (200 cm) are available on request.

Size 52x38x26 mm


Article code:

Tag IR Lyrd 58 BS-7  Acoustomagnet   7 Inch

Tag IR Lyrd 58 BS-10  Acoustomagnet 10 Inch

Tag IR Lyrd 58 BS-48  Acoustomagnet 48 Inch


Tag IR Lyrd 8.2BS-7   Radiofrequent   7 Inch

Tag IR Lyrd 8.2BS-10   Radiofrequent 10 Inch

Tag IR Lyrd 8.2BS-48   Radiofrequent 48 Inch